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Michael Teys

$20,015 of $35,000 target.

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Michael Teys swims the Catalina Channel for Lifeline


Hi , I live with Bipolar 2 and manage my disorder by swimming very long distances in open water. My charity, Lifeline provides 24/7 suicide prevention counselling in Australia where suicide claims more than twice the national road toll annually.  

I swam the English Channel for Lifeline in 2014 raising just over $10,000 and my next swim for them is the Catalina Channel in Sth California, USA in July 2017. This is the 32.3 Km channel between Santa Catalina Island and LA. First swum in 1927, and by less than 500 people since, the particular challenge of this swim is that it must be swum at night to avoid the blustery winds that dog this route through the day.  

Training for marathon swims gives me everything I need to survive Bipolar 2 - exercise, routine, sleep, diet, sunshine, and friends. You can learn more about me and subscribe for my blog at 

Thanks for helping , Michael 


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Lifeline Australia

[b]Lifeline’s 24/7 telephone line[/b] - [b]13 11 14[/b] has been providing suicide prevention and crisis support services for over 50 years. Our [b]online crisis support chat service[/b] is is available seven days a week from 8pm-4am (AEST). Search 'crisis chat'. [b]Suicide remains the leading cause of death for Australians aged between 15 and 44 [i](ABS, Causes of Death 2012)[/i]. [/b] Each year Lifeline receives over one million contacts from people connecting to care and support by phone, web or face-to-face. To learn more please visit [url][/url]

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Michael Teys

for Lifeline Australia

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$20,015 of $35,000 target

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